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On Saturday, supporters of Sen. Mike Lee held a “Victory Rally”.  I attended as part of a small group, that was protesting his support of the Republicans in the House of Representatives not passing a “clean” continuing resolution to fund the government. Here are my five top takeaways from that.

1.     Facts are Irrelevant.  The fact that they were celebrating a “victory” was confusing. Because of the shutdown, the GOP is polling at an all-time low. The numbers for the Tea Party is even lower. There is a very real chance, that even with the gerrymandering currently in place, Democrats will take back control of the US House in 2014. This action was a crushing defeat for Republicans, and especially for the Tea Party. Sen. Lee in now polling 10 points less.

2.     They hate everyone, including themselves.  It would be easy to say that this group hates minorities. It would be easy to say that they hate women. It would be easy to say they hate the LGBT community. These are generalities.  They don’t hate all members of these groups. I’m sure that if you know what they perceive to be your place, these people would be ok. Well most would. There were some racial slurs and also anti-gay comments. But that is to be expected. The big surprise was how much they hate other Republicans. Sen. Orrin Hatch, and mostly Abby Huntsman, came under attack. In the case of Ms. Huntsman, there were almost as many negative comments about her as there was against the President. They also seem to hate “the establishment”. Forgetting of course that in Utah, they are close to the establishment.

3,      Sen. Lee is Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan all rolled in one. This was one of my favorites. A quick history lesson. Lincoln supported a strong federal government over states’ rights. He also believed in equality for all. Ronald Reagan was for amnesty for immigrants, for an assault weapons ban, and appointed pro choice judges to the Supreme Court. So I guess Sen. Lee is a big government, pro choice, pro equality Senator who wants to limit the sale of assault weapons and supports amnesty.

4.      The Tea Party supports the Constitution like they do the Bible, they take what supports their position. Obviously the First Amendment took a beating. There was no freedom of, or from religion. And free speech was certainly not allowed. The right to assembly, to peacefully protest was definitely not allowed in that private park. It reminded me of all the Old Testament things they say to discriminate against people. They conveniently forget the teachings of Christ and his ministry of tolerance and love.

5.      Ted Cruz and Mike Lee held hands and stopped Obamacare from becoming law. Yes…there were many in the crowd that thought that. Actually, they did talk for 21 hours, which wasn’t a filibuster because they weren’t preventing action on a bill. When their time was up, the Senate came back in session and passed the clean CR. There were almost as many people who believed the Obamacare is unconstitutional. Which is kind of sad because these people obviously haven’t got the word yet that the Supreme Court did rule on it.

Certainly a different experience going to this event. We even had one guy tell us to get jobs and say he was surprised that we were out of bed so early. Not to mention the usual gun crazies. Sadly, one female protester was attacked by a mob. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt but did have her sign ripped from her hands and torn up.