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​Reprinted from my friend Susan Marques Booth

Dear Utah Legislature, 

Being involved at the end of a person’s life is a unique part of the human experience. It’s highly emotionally charged, because watching someone you love so much suffer, is difficult. My father’s been dying for about a year now. We’ve had the roller coaster of emotions. One minute we’ve been hopeful and positive about my father’s future only to have those very hopes dashed as another tumor grows. 
My dad’s cancer, head and neck cancer, is horrific to see. It not only grows on the inside of your body, but also on the outside. It’s wild, because the thing that is killing him is so very alive and visible. It’s like rockets are shooting out of his neck and shoulder. The right side of his incredibly handsome face is bizarrely distorted, weirdly triangular with large tumors wanting to burst through, right under his eye. His beautiful smile is gone as all of his top teeth had to be taken out and tumors have begun their takeover of his mouth. Despite all of this, he somehow managed to make fun of me and shared my embarrassing experience of trying to use a large industrial buffer, losing control of it and breaking the handle, with everyone. In fact, the last words he shared with me before he drifted off in his drug induced sleep last night was, “Remember when you used the machine?” I wonder if that will be his final memory of me… It was pretty funny.
Hospice has us giving him pain medications every 45 minutes. Yes – EVERY 45 minutes. I wonder if they think that we’re fucking stupid. They have essentially told us, (without telling us), that it’s our job to make sure that he’s too tired to eat or drink. When you don’t eat or drink your kidneys shut down, you go into a coma and you die. They have put the responsibility into our hands which I think is truly unfair, especially for my mom, his main caretaker. My mom will always do what the doctors tell her to do. The dose will be the right amount and it will be delivered as per instructions. My question for the Utah Legislature is this: How is this better, or more “moral” or “ethical”, than allowing my father to choose which day to end his life? That fact of the matter is, although hospice creates an avenue to lessen pain and suffering while someone is dying, they ARE assisting in the progression of the process. Don’t give into cognitive dissonance here. We ARE helping my father to die. Why is that more acceptable than empowering an individual to choose to die on their own terms, when they want to, when there is zero chance of a recovery? The interference of religion in the legislative process needs to be removed. It’s pretty simple, if your faith believes that suicide is some sort of unforgivable sin, by all means, do not participate in it. That’s not our belief. If you want us to respect your beliefs, which we do, please respect ours. My dad deserved the ability to die on his own terms. Now, he’s dying on YOUR terms, but make no mistake – he’s going to die. You’ve prolonged his agony, misery, suffering and pain. You’ve prolonged ours as well. 
Susan Booth


A Culture of Corruption

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Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely… Recently, Republican legislative leaders wrote that Utah residents were second class citizens because the Federal Government refused to rel…

Source: A Culture of Corruption

A Culture of Corruption

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

Recently, Republican legislative leaders wrote that Utah residents were second class citizens because the Federal Government refused to relinquish control of public lands. While I agree that many Utahns are treated as second class, I believe it is due to the one-party system that exists in this state and the inevitable culture of corruption that it has created.

Our last two Attorneys General are awaiting trial for corruption. Recently, our Governor held a fundraiser where lobbyists could talk with him…for a price. A state representative wants to have people who disagree with him investigated. A member of Congress said  those that disagree with him should “die”. During the legislative session, it seems that too often a story comes out about some lawmaker benefiting from a bill that they have proposed. The prison relocation process was seriously flawed, with the perception that the head of it may have profited from inside information. And we haven’t even started talking about the public lands mess, the incredible waste of taxpayer money on message legislation…that usually doesn’t withstand a court challenge, or money being given to build a port in California to ship coal…that California doesn’t even want!

Politics is perception…

It’s not just the profiteering or the cronyism that is troubling…it is the arrogance. Democrats are punished for disagreeing with the Speaker of the House. The LGBT community was punished for what one legislator said was excessively celebrating same-sex marriage. Voter fraud is practiced through gerrymandering. One person, one vote doesn’t exist in Utah. Add to that a Voter ID law that makes it difficult on some Utahns to exercise their rights.

To just say we need to elect more Democrats is just too simplistic. We do need to do that. We need to elect more women and more minorities. We need our elected officials to reflect the diversity that enriches our state. We need that in the judiciary as well. We also need to tighten up the existing ethics laws. We need to cap spending on elections to get rid of the perception that our elected officials are on the take. We also need a bipartisan redistricting commission to restore one person, one vote. Only then can we start to restore the public’s confidence in out elected officials.

5 Things I Learned at My First Tea Party Rally.


For the Super Bowl…I have to repost

My first memory of football was being a Green Bay Packer fan. I was influenced by the book “Instant Replay” by Jerry Kramer. It helped that my town’s colors were Green and Gold. I was born and raised in the era of Packer dominance in the NFL. So I suppose I was kind of a front-runner. When I was 14 that was changed and I was shattered when my Dad was transferred to Denver. I was devastated. This was right before 9th grade, which I had been looking forward to. I even had four close friends come to the airport to see me off.

I think my Dad knew how I felt. Let me give you some background. I have 3 sisters. All four of us were born within five years of each other. Subsequently, my parents had to work a lot…

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2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

We live in a very hate-filled society. More than anytime that I can remember, lines of hate and intolerance have been drawn. The ability to create violence and terror among people is way too easy today. Lies, distortions, and fear, have made people more willing to commit acts of violence. Technology, and again, fear, have created the ability for people to easily obtain and use instruments whose sole purpose is to kill or injure as many people as possible. Something really has to change.

Yesterday’s attack on the Sikh community in Wisconsin is another example of that. They were in their temple getting ready for prayers. A gunman walked in a proceeded to kill five men and one women, ages 39 to 84. At this point, we don’t know his motivations. The fact that they have brown skin and wear turbans, makes me wonder if he was so delusional, or ignorant as to who the were. Irregardless, in this country, EVERYONE should have the expectation that they can worship in peace. These were peaceful, devout, people who were practicing their faith.

Sadly, the history of our country is filled with examples of intolerance.  Violence against minority groups, whether racial, religious, or based on their lifestyle, is rampant throughout the brief history of our country. Hate is something that is learned. Intolerance is something that is learned. Love and tolerance can be taught. But before we can teach it, we must first practice it.

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Being Father’s Day, I decided to repost this. I don’t normally like reposting things because I like to provide a fresh voice. I miss my Dad more than I thought imaginable. I hope you enjoy!

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Originally the word Valentine meant the person whose name was picked from a box to be chosen as your sweetheart up until the 1500’s. Then around 1533, it meant the folded piece of paper with the sweetheart’s name on it. By 1610 it then became the gift given to this special someone and by 1824 it then became a poem, letter or verse to a sweetheart.

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year, it originates from the Roman celebration called Lupercalia, which was held on February 15, a fertility festival.

Roman armies invaded countries physically as well as socially. When the Romans invaded France, they introduced this festival in which Roman boys drew names of Roman girls out of an urn (to determine their partners) and then the couple exchanged gifts on the festival’s day. This was considered a pagan celebration, so in 469 C.E., Pope Gelasius…

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Oh my! Election season is in full bloom.  It seems like everywhere you turn there is information and mostly misinformation. I realize that making promises and slandering the people that you oppose is the way you win elections…but it seems like we have hit an all-tie low in rhetoric and moralizing.  I fear it will only get worse. We live in a diverse country, with diverse views. Morals are an individual thing…and not something to be forced on others. We have laws that need to be followed. Whether you agree with them or not does not necessarily make them wrong. We are not put here to judge others, that is not the role we play. Intolerance may be one of the greatest evils in this world. To punish those less fortunate for political gain never solves anything. There are many of my friends who disagree with my political views, and I with them. However, we still are able to coexist and even deeply care about each other. I urge all my friends to keep the discourse civil and on point. I urge Congress to work together to solve problems rather than obstructing progress to win elections. I urge candidates to spell out the differences between them and others instead of just placing blame and name calling.  We can only be great if we come together and most importantly show our compassion for those less fortunate.