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I recently moved to West Valley City from Salt Lake City. I have been involved in politics out here for a very long time. When I moved, I looked to stay involved. By chance, I was able to meet Council Member Karen Lang, who represents the 3rd District in the city. She was running for West Valley City Mayor, and had just learned that she had passed the primary, and was getting ready to start her drive towards the general election. I was immediately impressed with her intelligence and grasp of the issues. West Valley City has some unique challenges. It is currently Utah’s second largest city. It also has one of the most diverse populations. They really need someone with the passion and compassion of Ms. Lang, to help support the many changes going on in it’s diverse community.

Karen Lang has been a small business owner for many years. She understands what it’s like to be a working wife, mom, grandmother, and neighbor. Her husband Brian, as well as her children, were all educated in WVC. She served for 10 years on the Planning Commission, before being elected to the City Council. She is the owner of Oakbridge Greenhouse in the city. And, she may be the best prepared, most non-partisan person, I have ever had the privilege to know. in this race, in this city, that is very important.

I don’t agree with her on all the issues, but I agree with her on the most important ones. I can give my wholehearted support to Karen Lang for WVC Mayor. I urge all my friends, and more importantly, my fellow Democrats, to give their support to the best candidate, Karen Lang.


It’s funny where life will lead us some times. At this time last year, I was really trying to get my bearings on life. I was really unsure of who I was and what I wanted. I have always felt that opportunity is always there…you just have to be ready and willing to take it. I spent six months of this year trying to rediscover who I was and what I wanted in life.

After a little over three years, it was time to leave Premier Mentoring. I will always be grateful for what they did for me and all the wonderful people who I met. I still keep in touch with a few of my clients that came into the program and really appreciate the learning that I did there.

So after a few months of running through my savings and doing a few consulting jobs, my dream opportunity presented itself…campaign manager for Liz Muniz in House District 33. It really was the situation that I had been waiting for, and wanting for several years. I was seriously involved with the Democratic Party many years ago, but left to raise my family and then never went back to it. I am so grateful for the many wonderful people I have met and have been so supportive. I plan on making the most of my new opportunity, and to help grow the Democratic Party in Utah.

I have under gone a complete makeover. New haircut, new clothes, and really a new attitude. Thank you Jennifer Imes for that and so much more. Also to Auretha Callison for help and advice.

On the really bad side, my dear friend Nan Chatwin lost her battle with cancer at the beginning of the month. She was truly my best friend. I feel lost at times without being able to talk to her. But, I am so happy that she is free of pain. She suffered so much, and as much as I miss her, I am glad that she is free. I have so many wonderful things and memories of her, so she will always have a special place in my heart.

So many people have made a positive influence on my life this year. It would take me forever to name them all. A special thanks to all at the Utah State Democratic Headquarters, you all were so kind. And also to all of those I met on the campaign trail…a big thank you.

To the Gonzales family…all of you…you are the family I haven’t had in a very long time and I will never forget how much you have done for me. You have my undying affection, respect, and loyalty.

I am very optimistic about the new year. I feel like everything that I have worked for will be mine.

It has been just over 51 years since man started travelling in space. I have been fortunate to be alive for all of them. I was about five months old when Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space. A few weeks later, Alan Shepard became the first American in space, on a flight that lasted roughly 15 minutes. A couple of weeks after that, US President John F. Kennedy, set the goal of man landing on the moon, and returning safely, by the end of the decade. History tells us that this goal was met, with a few months to spare. Obviously, when President Kennedy set that ambitious goal, most of the technology needed to accomplish it, didn’t exist. But that didn’t stop them.

Sometimes, you have to set a goal and not let anything stop you. The space program confronted many difficulties along the way, including loss of life. But, they never stopped focusing on what their objective was. They never loss sight of the goal. And along the way, they created so much of the technology that is important today. As you buy your dad that cordless power tool for Father’s Day this weekend, give a slight nod to the space program. When you reset your smoke alarm, say thanks NASA for protecting me. How your water is filtered, lots of the computer technology, the lightweight material used for helmets, tennis rackets, and other sporting goods. The shock-absorbing tennis shoes and other athletic shoes. The teflon that covers most of the roofs of stadiums. That doesn’t even begin to cover it. There are medical advances like dialysis, the transitional artificial heart, and many, many more. All because they set goals and did what was necessary to reach them.

Many people run into problems because, although they know how to set goals, they aren’t willing to do the work necessary to reach them. They let problems deter them from achieving the success that they are looking for. Success takes sacrifice and hard work. But, look at the wonderful things that can be created along the way. Set a goal, and don’t let anything stop you from reaching it. Don’t just think outside the box, be willing to throw away the box and create something new. Yes, there will be setbacks, but don’t let those deter you from what you want to accomplish. The brave people in the space program worked together, worked as a team, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are people out there willing to help you reach your goals.

The lessons learned throughout our lifetime can help us learn how to have that drive and determination to create beautiful things in our lives and in our world. Dare to be innovative and driven and never lose sight of your goals. Never be afraid to set ambitious goals, but be willing to do the work necessary to reach them. Some would say “The sky is the limit!” I prefer to look at it as having no limits, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to through hard work and determination.

It’s funny how procrastination can be most people’s undoing. I know I have fallen victim to this…more than once! We always seem to be our own worst enemy when it comes to starting or finishing projects…no matter how important they are. Even writing this I have found a couple of things come up that have slowed me down! Not even important things either…something on TV or someone’s post on Facebook.

One of my favorite books is “The World According to Garp” by John Irving. In the book, TS Garp was a novelist, who at one point stopped writing. After announcing that he was going to start again, he kept making excuses to put it off. He was always building bookshelves or working in the garden.

When I worked with people who said they wanted to start their own business or make extra money, they number one thing they said was holding them back was that they had to make sure that everything was perfect. They had to clear space, they had to make sure that everything was perfect before they could take action. We all know that opportunity rarely comes at an opportune time. When opportunity knocks, we must not only open the door, but invite opportunity in and fix it a drink! Be prepared to take action because you never know when opportunity will come around again.

No bookshelves or gardens for now…it is time to take action!

I feel reborn today. I feel like I am ready to be the best me that I can. They say that when you hit bottom, you have nowhere to go but up. Over the past eight months, I have certainly seen my share of bottoms…physically, personally. professionally, mentally, and emotionally. Almost to the point that I didn’t think I could go on another second. But, with the help of friends and my higher power, I not only survived, I came out stronger and better than ever before. I am now ready to be my best me!

It’s time to really focus on what I want to do with my life and how I can best impact the lives of others. Time to devote my life to helping others and doing what I can to better my world!

We live in a divisive world. We live in world full of blame and hate. Who does that make happy? Do you feel better about yourself when you are putting others down? I know I don’t. And I am guilty of this. I admit it. I am not proud of myself. My friends deserve better.

I have strong views and opinions. I think it is important to express those views. I think it’s important to express my opinion and the reasons behind it. That doesn’t mean I need to belittle someone else and tell them that their opinion is wrong just because I don’t agree with it. It’s time to return civility into our discourse. It’s time to start the healing process to end the divisions. We are a diverse country. That is our strength. We can have our disagreements but at the end of the day do what is best.

Negativitiy takes up so much time. It also produces an energy that spreads. Why not spread a positive energy. Why not spread joy and comfort instead of hate and venom. It’s time for all of us to be the change. It’s time to take a step back and really celebrate the joy in life. It’s time to find that common ground to help all people…regardless of the differences. Be the change.

How can we make a difference with others? We can start by changing ourselves. Try to be more civil…more understanding…more open minded. And really stop taking things that others say and post so seriously. Once you make the change with yourself, others will follow.

How many of us get in our own way? I certainly do. I seem to suffer from the “misery loves company” thing a lot lately. It affects my moods…it affects my job…it affects how I interact with people…it affects my health. And none of these in a good way. I seem to have lost a lot of my motivation. Time to wake up and change!

I think I lose focus on what I want…and what I need to do to get my wants. I tend to focus on negative aspects and not on the good things around me. I have some great people in my life. I have people who want to help me. But, I need to do it! Sometimes, it’s just hard to do…hard to paint that smile on your face when you are suffering inside.

I need to get back to my basics. I need to focus on positive people. Get rid of a lot of the anger. I need to exercise a lot more! I always feel best when I do. And I need to be more consistent with my writing!

Funny how we are always our own worst critic…and how we are also our own worst enemy. Time to be person that I can…and have been. It is all inside of me!

I love this time of year in Salt Lake City. The weather is usually pretty good, which means lots to do outside! Lots of outdoor concerts, celebrations, Farmer’s Markets, and just lots of fun. This past weekend was the perfect way to kick of a summer of fun.

It started Friday night when after work I went down to Living Traditions in downtown Salt Lake City. It is this huge, 3-day festival to celebrate the diversity in the city. Now, I know diversity and Salt Lake City is not something that usually goes hand in hand, but the amount of different cultures represented is incredible. Different food, crafts, and music/dance from the different cultures. Once a year I indulge in a Chorizo sausage sandwich from the Basque region of Spain. The taste is something I really enjoy!

Saturday after work, it was time for the Festival of Roses. This is a fund raiser for the local Catholic Church. Again, the food was incredible! The Knights of Columbus, which my grandfather once led, cooked up a great steak sandwich that was covered in onions and peppers. It was huge and incredible! But the real reason for my participation at the time I went, was to see a great local band, Urban Bleu. Now I have written about them before but never had the chance to see them and speak with them until that day. What a fun time! I am including a video from a previous performance for you to enjoy. If you get the chance, please go see them, you won’t be disappointed!

Now Sunday, it was time to go back to Living Traditions to see the legendary blues harmonica player and singer Charlie Musselwhite. I have enjoyed his music for years. He is a member of the Blues Hall of Fame and has been recording since 1960. He has played with almost all of the legendary blues performers of his time. He also was in the movie “Blues Brothers 2000” as part of the all-star band at the end of the movie. What a thrill it was to see him live!

After the concert, it was time to head to the Gateway Mall to see the solar eclipse. What a spectacular show that mother nature put on. And it was the perfect end to a great weekend!

Today’s #DBlogWeek topic is what would be the one device I would like to see to help with diabetes control. This is an easy one…and one I’m sure will be repeated over and over for this topic: a way to check your blood glucose without drawing blood.

I have actually given this a lot of thought over the past couple of years. I think I would like to see a device like a wristwatch. The face of it…instead of the time…tells you what your level is. And then when you got within five of a preset parameter either way, the “clock” would start to beep to give you a warning. That way, you can take appropriate measures before you hit the critical stage. And they could be fashionable as well…different color bands and shapes for every occasion. Can you imagine what you would save in money on test strips alone! A lot of non-diabetics don’t realize how expensive those little strips are. The device could pay for itself in a very short time!

I really have gotten to the point where pricking the finger a few times a day doesn’t bother me so much. I have the little hole marks all over the tips of my fingers to show. Also, a couple of blood stains on various things in the bathroom…which is where I test. But if I could invent one thing to help all diabetics, it would be that. Until then, keep checking everyone!

The topic for today is what I do well with my diabetes control. Wow! What a tough subject for me. I guess if there is one think that I really do well it would be that I have learned to recognize the signs of when I am doing well or not.

When my blood glucose level is high…it gives some obvious (to me) signs. My levels generally run from 70 – 130. That’s really good since when I was diagnosed I was averaging over 220 and when I got sick a couple of months ago I was at 230+! The feelings I get now when I am over 150, really makes me wonder how I survived feeling that way 24/7! It’s hard to believe that I went that long feeling lousy!

I guess if there is one piece of advice that I can give people it would be to have yearly physicals that include getting your a1c checked. With Type-2 Diabetes reaching almost epidemic numbers in this country, it is important to really monitor that. Also eat better! My big curse is the convenience of fast food. With my job and being single, it is much easier to pick up a burger than to come home and cook for one. That is something that I will always struggle with.

And now I have found another thing that I am good at…helping others avoid this!

Have a great week!