Living with Diabetes

Posted: January 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am a diabetic…as most people know. It is something that I’m really good at…that is I suck at it. I am constantly battling my blood sugar. I am an addict. No not opioids or even sex (another story for another day), I am a junk food junkie with a very sweet tooth. Suffice to say it can cause some problems.

My doctor told me that I will die from diabetes but I can choose when. This past year, I put that to the test. My blood glucose got over 600 which bought me a ride in an ambulance and a permanent abnormal heartbeat. The doctor wanted to keep me for a week but our financial situation at the time wasn’t going to allow that. I left with a better appreciation of life and by the end of the year had my A1c down in the normal range. I also was able to ditch the can I had used for a year because of my neuropathy.

A lot of help was given to me of course by my wife Jo…who really stood by me. It’s difficult for me to have help getting shoes, socks, and pants off but she never complains. Also so many friends helped when we needed financial help…especially Phil Skinner. Those of you who witness me and Phil arguing on Facebook fail to see the love. He is my brother. And not sure if I would be around without him.

So I press on…trying to do better. Trying to be a better person. It’s all I can do and I’m thankful and grateful for everyday..


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