Welcome (Back) to my World

Posted: January 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s been far too long. I haven’t written consistently for nearly six years. I told myself, and others, that I didn’t want my views to be construed as those of the politicians I was working with. I haven’t been actively involved in a campaign in 3-1/2 years. It was a copout. It was mostly fear…fear of what I had become…fear of where I was…fear of rejection. I no longer have those fears. I am ready to share my thoughts, my dreams, my fears, my world, with others. I am ready to let people back in. 

Those of you expecting a heavily political blog are going to be mostly disappointed. Politics is such a small part of who I am. Those that think they know me from just social media posts may be pleasantly surprised that I have more depth of character. 

A lot has happened. A lot is yet to happen. Hang on…it’s going to be an interesting ride. Where it takes us, not even I know. I hope it is entertaining. 

  1. Lisa says:

    Welcome back. I’m sure it will be entertaining


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