A Culture of Corruption

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

Recently, Republican legislative leaders wrote that Utah residents were second class citizens because the Federal Government refused to relinquish control of public lands. While I agree that many Utahns are treated as second class, I believe it is due to the one-party system that exists in this state and the inevitable culture of corruption that it has created.

Our last two Attorneys General are awaiting trial for corruption. Recently, our Governor held a fundraiser where lobbyists could talk with him…for a price. A state representative wants to have people who disagree with him investigated. A member of Congress said  those that disagree with him should “die”. During the legislative session, it seems that too often a story comes out about some lawmaker benefiting from a bill that they have proposed. The prison relocation process was seriously flawed, with the perception that the head of it may have profited from inside information. And we haven’t even started talking about the public lands mess, the incredible waste of taxpayer money on message legislation…that usually doesn’t withstand a court challenge, or money being given to build a port in California to ship coal…that California doesn’t even want!

Politics is perception…

It’s not just the profiteering or the cronyism that is troubling…it is the arrogance. Democrats are punished for disagreeing with the Speaker of the House. The LGBT community was punished for what one legislator said was excessively celebrating same-sex marriage. Voter fraud is practiced through gerrymandering. One person, one vote doesn’t exist in Utah. Add to that a Voter ID law that makes it difficult on some Utahns to exercise their rights.

To just say we need to elect more Democrats is just too simplistic. We do need to do that. We need to elect more women and more minorities. We need our elected officials to reflect the diversity that enriches our state. We need that in the judiciary as well. We also need to tighten up the existing ethics laws. We need to cap spending on elections to get rid of the perception that our elected officials are on the take. We also need a bipartisan redistricting commission to restore one person, one vote. Only then can we start to restore the public’s confidence in out elected officials.

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  2. Well written and well balanced statements in your post, friend! I have been on the forefront of requesting our legislators to vote against the gerrymandering of our districts- and they do these things behind closed doors- how does that maneuver reflect the interest of the public they are serving?

    Especially in our State’s Capitol we need to organize and demand that our representatives are polling their constituents & acting based on better reflections of what Salt Lake County residents’ need.

    Where do we begin? I am ready.

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