#DBlogWeek – One Thing to Improve

Posted: May 16, 2012 in American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Health, Inspiration, Meditation, Optimism, Personal
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The topic today is one thing to improve. Just one? I think I could name several! I think the biggest factor in my diabetic life that I need to improve would be stress and the way I react to it.

When I am stressed I tend to overeat and underexercise. Which is the craziest thing because I know that when i do that I just get depressed. Especially with the exercise, it actually relieves the stress. The overeating leads to my weight going up, which makes me more depressed.

I think I need to do more to force myself to exercise a bit more. The weather is great now…and I do have some great places that I can go for long walks or jogs. I also need to not sit at work as long and take breaks and get some fresh air. It will probably make me more productive there as well. When I get home at night, I need to take a long walk before I get on the computer. That will help me relieve the stress of the day. The other thing is to always pack something to eat at work. That will keep me from overeating…or more importantly…unhealthy eating.

This is my biggest challenge…one that has been a life-long battle. I really need to work on it and really get on top of my stress issues.

  1. Cindy says:

    Maybe we can help each other get motivated to exercise more and eat less. I also react to stress the same way which just creates a bad cycle.


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