Dear Mom:

Another Mother’s Day is upon us. I am reminded of growing up in Kearns…we would wake up on Sunday and go to your Mom’s. Gram would make us breakfast…we would bring flowers…all of us would give you and her hand-made gifts and cards. It was always the “safe” place for us…free from the stress that was there.

Mom…I know that it was hard. You had all four of us within five years…almost to the day. You were still pretty young yourself…barely 19 when Marcey was born. For most of the time before we went to school you worked two jobs. Dad worked nights so he could get paid more. We never felt like it was a struggle financially, but looking back, I know that it was.

Mom…I can count on one hand the sporting or school events that you missed. You were always there..cheering not just me…but my teammates as well. You shared in our triumphs and disappointments. Many of them called you “Mom”. You welcomed all of my friends into our house…made sure we were all fed and safe. You would bring extra food to those all day track meets in high school…enough to feed an army.

Mom…you gave me my love of music. We would sit for hours listening to the great musicians of the time. I remember you going with us to see Boston and Queen in Denver…and also waiting in line to get Bruce Springsteen tickets. You encouraged us to explore other genres of music…taught me to appreciate theater…movies…and a love of art.

Mom…you gave me my love of politics and history. I remember we watched the Apollo missions together. And how we both were watching when Robert Kennedy was shot. I remember your tears as if it was yesterday.

Mom…you gave me my sense of humor…the ability to laugh at myself. My caring nature…my patience.

Mom…it’s been about five years now. We both had to make choices. I think about you everyday and long to speak with you. I sometimes go by where you live…in fact…was there today. I have dialed your number many times…just to hear your voice. I understand the choice you had to make. I wish you could see the person that I am today…to share in my triumphs and disappointments. To be able to talk about the physical issues that we both have now. Hopefully soon.

Mom…I love and miss you…and thank you!


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