My Nerd Weekend…

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Friends, Inspiration, Nan Chatwin, Personal
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I am a nerd! I say that proudly. This weekend, I really had the chance to get my nerd on. It started Saturday with going downtown to see an art exhibit at the Salt Lake City Library. At the same time, they were having an outdoor celebration in the courtyard promoting buying local products. As part of this, the local comic book store was celebrating “free comic book day”. I scored a Green Lantern and my friend Nan gave me her Spiderman. What a great score!

After that, we headed to an exhibit of John Lennon’s art work and hand-written lyrics. Now I am a huge John Lennon fan, always have been. This was such a thrill for me! To see the lyrics written by him of some of the best songs in history was really a thrill! An experience I won’t ever forget! Thank you Nan for dragging me out!

Later that night, I had the opportunity to watch the Mayweather/Cotto fight. Was a great time! I was disgusted by the presence of Justin Bieber in the ring…but that’s my issue! LOL.

So Sunday I ended my Nerd Weekend with a trip to see “The Avengers”. What a great movie! I really recommend it to everyone! Marvel Films is doing a great job with their franchises. It was great to see Stan Lee make his usual cameo also. A treat for all nerds!

  1. Nerdy is the new awesome, my friend! Well done!


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