Posted: May 2, 2012 in Courage, Friends, Health, Humility, Inspiration, Lisa Craig, Optimism, Personal

It’s funny what give me inspiration on my journey. Sometimes it can be a book…sometimes movies…sometimes music…a saying or phrase. But for me, lately I am inspired by the journey of others. Whether they are starting their own business…starting a new relationship…ending an old relationship…or living with disease or physical challenge. I want to share the story of someone who not only inspires me, but also encourages me. Her name is Lisa Craig.

Lisa graduated a year behind me in high school. Lisa is about to graduate from college this week. I want to share how she described it:

“I had been in the marketing and advertising industry for nearly 25 years. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t get a job. I’d be the VP of various ad agencies, I’d been in management for 15 years, I had my own business. Then, I wouldn’t get a call back on my resume because I didn’t have a degree.

Finally, I spent the last 4 years giving up my entire life, so that I could get a checkbox and a piece of paper. Many of my teachers commented that I could teach the classes I was taking. I probably could have. But, I still did it, always believing that there would be something I could learn.

There has been no time for friends or family. There has been no free time. For four years, it’s all been about school.

I have been surprised at how emotional this is getting for me. I really sense relief. I’m not quite sure yet how I really feel. Partly relieved, partly proud, partly sad at the cost and what I had to give up personally. And angry that in a couple of days, some people (who shall remain nameless) will see me as a professional because I have a stupid piece of paper. Even though I could have taught most of my “major” classes! I did it though, and I’ll be done and no one can take it away from me. I’ll be a professional, with 30 years of experience fresh out of school. No other new graduate can say that.”

What a story! This is someone, who despite all this, has held a full-time job, and also finds time to encourage others…particularly me. She is always sending me tips and recipes. And taking the time to see how I am doing.

Thank you Lisa! As you start the next chapter of your life, I wish you nothing but the best!

  1. Lisa Craig says:

    Wow! Craig, you are a true gem and you’ve really become one of my new great friends! Thank you so much! Hey, we’re all in the journey called life. Who knows where it will take us next? Just hang on…


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