The Secret to Happiness Is…

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Friends, Health, Humility, Inspiration, Optimism
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How powerful is that opening? The secret to happiness is…? How long have people searched for that answer? I think everyone’s ultimate goal is to be happy…whether in life…a career….a relationship…or just in general. I know I have…in all of the above!

But that brings up a bigger question…what makes a person happy? Sometimes I don’t even know what would make me happy. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own misery that I don’t even have a clue what steps I can do to feel joy. I also tend to try to make others happy, while neglecting me. I have definitely learned the hard way that you can’t make others happy…that is their responsibility not yours.

I think the secret to happiness lies within each of us. Finding that balance between our own happiness and someone else’s. I think you can still go out of your way to make someone feel better…I know that I have a few people in my life that do that for me…but also be a little selfish. I think you need to be responsible for your own happiness though…know what it is you need and balance that with the needs of the people that you care about…and that care about you!

So I guess the secret of happiness is inside each of you…I hope you find it!

  1. Julie says:

    Well said Craig. 🙂


  2. Linda Radford says:

    Hi Craig,

    I read a few of your posts. I don’t know what it’s like to have diabetes. It has come close to my life with family members, but I do not know what it would be like to have to be constantly vigilant and monitering your blood sugars. Because Type 2 does run in our family line, I have watched how much refined sugar I eat. Yet I deal with other health related things and so I have had my own quest for wellbeing. I wish you blessings in yours.

    I like your thoughts about happiness. I believe also that happiness is something that comes from inside me. And I feel the kind of happiness that comes from outside of me is temporary at best. No one can make me happy. I even take it one step further for myself and that is to say that the more I am able to be right here, right now in my everyday experience, the more I feel happy.

    Smiles, Linda


    • Thank you for your comment Linda. I really appreciate feedback from people. You are doing the right thing with watching your health. I strive everyday to be a better and happier person. I appreciate your positive approach.


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