Posted: April 22, 2012 in Family, Health, Humility, Music, Optimism, Personal
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Growing up…Sunday was always a relaxing day. It was the day that we would all go over to my grandparents for the better part of the day. The lived within walking distance of the house, so as we got older we could walk, or ride bike, but mostly we would drive up.

I would watch sports on TV with my grandpa. I remember during football season, he would place a small TV on top of the larger one so he could have both games going. I would also lay in front of the stereo listening to my uncle’s albums…memorizing every word and note.

My Grandma would cook for us…any meal. Plus snacks. The house was always filled with the most wonderful smells. In warm weather we would sit outside overlooking her wonderful flower garden. Grandma was also a serious crossword puzzle player. My love for words really came from doing puzzles with her from a very young age. Any one who has played me in Words With Friends can blame her for the bizarre words that I come up with. Sometimes you just have to make it fit!

My grandparents have passed away…Grandpa over 20 years ago and Grandma just in the last few. I am really grateful that my Grandma got to know my children before she died. Every Sunday, I think back to those times and realize how lucky I was in some aspects growing up. It’s that memory of simpler times that relaxes me and helps me remember to stay grounded and enjoy what I have.

  1. Anita says:

    Always good to have those foundations to help us get through the tougher times in life. You’re doing great! Am thankful to have a friend like you. Your blog of your journey touches many, never forget that.


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