A New Day….

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Diabetes, Friends, Health, Humility, Inspiration, Music, Optimism
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As I look back on the past few weeks, I realized just how focused I have been on being caught in my own misery. I have been so worried and focused on the bad in my life that I forgot about what is good and wonderful. Just a small switch yesterday really made it a great day.

Yesterday had all the opportunity of a bad day…I had very little sleep…work had been tough…It was raining..I was feeling down. It took just a simple switch…I listened to music…to really put me in a great mood. Well, that and coffee. LOL. One little thing really mad the difference. Whenever I got down, I just started singing or at least focusing on a song or two that really made me happy! I had more energy…felt better…and related to people much better.

I think that inside of each of us we have that thing that brings us joy. It is easy to get caught up in the misery that we feel…the darkness. If we just switch that a tiny bit I think that you will feel much better…have more energy…and be able to enjoy life so much more.

  1. bettiebelle says:

    A really good blog Craig! It’s so true. Worrying, panicking, dwelling on the miserable stuff, is what stops us from being productive. Once we realise that we are in effect, hobbling our potential by thinking negatively, it can help us to change things around.

    Here’s to many more good days for you. All the best.


  2. Also when you worry….you are just meditating on negative stuff. So much healthier to go the other direction. Life is good, even when it isn’t. That’s when i grow the most if I am open-minded and stay teachable 🙂 Hang in there


  3. Every day, I try to think about the wonderful things God has given me. I appreciate your default to optimism.


  4. Anita says:

    There ya go…find those things which make you smile, which make you happy. When the darkness tries to creep in, it can’t get past the positive or at least it’s knocked back a step or two when we can find something to make us smile. I had to refocus today, so this post comes close to the truth of my day….


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