Posted: April 11, 2012 in Courage, Friends, Health, Humility, Inspiration, Optimism, Personal
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I really have been lucky lately to build up a wonderful support system of friends. As I have struggled physically and emotionally, it has really been wonderful to be able to reach out to people whom I feel genuinely care. I have been able to laugh and cry with them…and get some wonderful tips on how to improve my health and my life.

Now some of these friends are having struggles themselves…and yet they still take the time to check on me and see if I am ok. A couple of you who are struggling…please check in with me sometimes to let me know you are ok…you know who you are! LOL.

I really do care about all my friends and appreciate you reading my blog and giving me feedback. I hope in some way, it helps you…if nothing else, sometimes makes you smile. I will continue to chronicle my struggles and successes as I work hard to be a better me.

  1. Glad things are going well! Would love to find a time to swap some stories!


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