So it’s been two weeks on the health plan and so far there has been some great improvement. My blood glucose runs between 70 and 125. My cholesterol is better. I have lost 10 pounds. And I feel like I am getting in better shape due to the exercise. One small problem…I definitely haven’t been getting enough sleep. For some reason I just can’t seem to shut my mind down at night to get the sleep I need. And, when I finally get to sleep, it never seems to last very long! I wake up every hour or so…even on the days when I don’t have to be to work until later. It is getting frustrating. I have tried exercise before bed, meditation, reading, and even milk! A member of my health team has given me some things to try, so I hope that it helps…I am tired!

It’s amazing what the mind can do to us…both good and bad. It can help us overcome almost anything and can also hold us back. I really try to be a positive person, but sometimes I just can’t get out of the darkness of my own mind. It’s nothing serious at this point, but is a bit annoying!

If anyone has any suggestions…except drugs…for good sleep, I am open to ideas!

Have a great Tuesday!

  1. Lisa Craig says:

    Great job, Craig! I have terrible insomnia as well. Sometimes, I take Kava Kava which is an herbal supplement. However, you have to check to make sure it doesn’t conflict with other medicines you might be taking. I’ve also heard that Melatonin can really help.

    Sometimes, I read a stupid text book. 🙂 Or, try to watch a golf match.


  2. Susan says:

    Try a cup of Sleepytime tea. It sometimes works for me.


  3. lovehatediabetes says:

    Exercising before bed isn’t always a good thing. I’ve always been taught that you’re supposed not exercise at least two hours before bed. When you exercise it takes your body a while to settle down. So leaving two hours in between is a good thing.
    Also, eating is horrible to do before bed; most foods at least.
    My best advice is to read before bed. Keep a lamp next to your bed so it’s easy to turn off and fall asleep. Reading relaxes you and sets the stage for sleep. Using technology like TVs, cell phones and such aren’t good to use before bed.


  4. bettiebelle says:

    Craig, it’s good to hear all your good news and many congrats for the weight loss, etc. It is, however, a pity about the lack of sleep. Is this a new thing, or have you often had problems sleeping? Since I don’t know the answer to this, I feel it may be irresponsible to offer a solution, however I’m going to in the hope it may help!!! Of course, this may not be a revelation to you, but here goes anyway! I think that one of the problems when we can’t sleep is that we dwell on the problem and therefore this makes it more impossible to sleep as the minutes pass and drift into hours. Emptying one’s mind is not an easy thing and the more tired and sleep deprived we become, the worse the ‘mind thing’ is. My advice is simple: Don’t try! Say to yourself, ‘okay, I can’t switch off and that’s okay’. Put on a movie, and watch it, with a cup of decaf coffee or tea or even better, cocoa/hot chocolate. Enjoy it!! See if this helps, I hope so. Please let me know what happens and the best of luck.


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