The Shot That Makes You Keep Coming Back…

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Bobby Kennedy, Business, Humility, Inspiration, Optimism, The Masters
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This is Masters’ week…the first major golf tournament of the year. It got me thinking of my own golf game…I suck. I have had moments when I do ok…I don’t play enough to really get good at it…although I do enjoy it. I was thinking about what draws me to the game…for me it’s usually that one great shot at the end of the round, after a day of frustration, that make me keep wanting to come back.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes life does that too? Yesterday was an interesting day. I really didn’t sleep too well the night before…that seems to be a recurring theme…so I felt like i was existing on coffee. Work seemed to drag on…my phone wasn’t working…I was just not being my usual cheery self. I had a friend rescue me at lunch so I was able to get the phone fixed. And then had another friend get me away from the office in the evening. But, I was still looking at being at work until close to ten! And to top it off I wasn’t feeling all that great. But then a text from a friend made me smile and I had a great finish to the work day followed by a great conversation. All of the bad stuff was gone and I was ready to embrace life again. The perfect shot at the end of my round.

We do tend to dwell on the bad in our life. There will always be challenges and struggles…but if we can just remember the good…that perfect shot…it will help you embrace each day and the challenges we all face. Focus on the good in your life and the bad wont seem so overwhelming.

Bobby Kennedy had a quote…I don’t know if it was his or if he got it from someone else…that he used when talking about the struggles that his family faced: “Good luck is something you make, bad luck is something you endure.”

Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. Lovely post. So true we should focus on the good stuff, instead of staying but bogged down with the bad….


  2. Julie says:

    I totally agree Craig, about the golf shot that gets you to come back for more and those wonderful moments from friends that inspire us to keep moving forward. There is always something good we can focus on if we look for it. And those good positive friends help us see those good things. Have a great weekend!! Enjoy the gorgeous weather!


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