Today is Good Friday…a day of death so we can be reborn. I really don’t consider myself to be particularly religious…more spiritual actually…but I can’t help but see the parallels in my own life. I have been struggling putting away my past…those life long struggles that have held me back. It is too easy to fall back on the safe…on the comfort zone. But is the comfort zone getting me what I want? NO…HELL NO!

I think we all tend to fall back on the safe…we won’t do what we want and we know is good because it carries the chance of pain. Anything worth having is worth a little pain and heartache. We need to turn our dreams to goals and take the steps to achieve them. Life is meant to be lived!

On this day…I am promising myself to let my past die…so I can be resurrected into a better me.

  1. bettiebelle says:

    Good for you I say! I find myself in a similar position and you just have to go for it. Your glass can always be half full if you believe it is! Anyway, without any pain in life, how would we be able to appreciate the pleasure? Best of luck.


  2. Lisa Craig says:

    Great post, Craig.


  3. Anita says:

    Great post….anything worth having is worth little pain and heartache for sure. Looks like you are on right path to the new you. May you stay positive and focused on where want to be.


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