Cravings…Eating My Way Through Loneliness

Posted: April 4, 2012 in American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Football, Health, Heart, Humility, Inspiration, Optimism
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Change is hard…we all know that. I am trying to change a lifetime of bad behaviors. Growing up, my family was always busy. My parents had four kids in five years almost to the day. I remember times when Dad would be working long hours and Mom would work two jobs. During this time of year, we all would be at different baseball fields in our spare time. Needless to say, our eating habits weren’t the best. It really wasn’t my parent’s fault…It was what it was. I developed my love of burgers and fries early on. This was the time of the 19 cent hamburger at Dee’s…by Jr. High, I could eat five! Food became my comfort…the way to battle my inner demons.

Even today…it seems that when I’m the most stressed…the most overwhelmed…the most lonely…I seek comfort in bad eating. Fast Food, Soda, Cookies, BBQ Potato Chips…these are my major weakness. I can truthfully say…none of these are with me today…but that doesn’t mean I won’t seek them out. I work at a job where it becomes difficult to eat healthy…it take planning and dedication…things I struggle with at times.

I know I have a long road ahead. I know that I need to find other outlets for my demons. The weight will fall and the health will improve. I know my life depends on it. I know people care about me. The challenge will be caring enough about myself to make the changes.

  1. Joy says:

    I can relate. When I try to take out the junk. It seems like all I can think about. But I keep telling myself. Each day is fresh with no mistakes in it. Keep trying


    • Alicia Johnson says:

      I can also relate.
      I am the oldest of 6 and the youngest is 5 years younger (twins) and both my parents worked hard.
      I moved 13 times by the time I was 10. I’ve always had problems developing friendships. It’s gotten worse and I’ve no close friends. I tend to feel uncomfortable around people….but I crave close relationships. I have never felt like I was wanted, needed, liked as a friend. In High School is where I gained most of my weight. I never felt pretty or smart. No boys asked me out…a few made fun of me. I wanted acceptence.
      My friend has always been…FOOD.
      To this day, I use food as my crutch and comfort. I too seek bad food in times of stress and loneliness. I have family around, but still lonely. At 50, I have never married, never had children and those were my dreams…to be a wife and mommy. Makes me want to eat just thinking about what never was, but I won’t.
      I want to be healthier, live longer, be happier. Not sure if I can ever be thin, but I will try my darndest to be content, find joy in little things, simplify my life, have peace in my heart …. oh…and try to find a husband…lmao.
      Anyway, keep positive thoughts, keep your mind active, smile often and find that joy in the little things.
      Be well, Craig!


  2. Julie says:

    I can so relate also grew with Single Dad same thing but he cooked all the time and what a cook he was I miss that a lot. We didn’t eat till late almost every night always something going on. Old habits are hard to break hang in there.


  3. Linda Radford says:

    I used food as my crutch long ago. And sugar was my drug of choice. At about age 32 my body was showing signs that it was not doing well. Hypoglycemia, mood swings, and numbness in my fingertips, etc. I did some cleansing by changing my diet, and yet because I didn’t deal with the emotions that caused me to reach for sugar. I found I would go through cycles of being good with food and then bad.

    Then I started identifying my emotions instead of burying them. I have learned to be more and more aware of what I feel, and why. I realized that what I really craved was the ‘sweetness of life.” I even found that I had unhealthy beliefs that got in the way. It has been a journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion.

    I am grateful for all I have learned about myself in the process. My life is very different than more than 2 decades ago. I have more joy and peace and ‘sweetness’. Cravings are not the uncontrollable issue they were back then.

    So Craig, there is hope. I wish you well in your quest for understanding about cravings. Blessings to all who deal with cravings.


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