Today is a good day…amazing what getting sleep will do for you! I am feeling really good for the first time in a long time. I am embracing the changes in my life, diet, and attitude. The first craving seems to have gone away….no more soda! My weight is down a bit…8 lbs in the last week. I know that I will lose a lot quickly…it’s those last 15 lbs that will be the toughest…so I am excited but knowing that diet alone will only do so much! I just got back from a brisk walk before the morning sun…it’s amazing how peaceful it is out. The weather is brisk…but tolerable.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life that are very good at talking me off the ledge. Diabetes is a cruel disease…not outward signs of distress. What it does do is really mess with your moods. When I was first diagnosed, I experience lots of severe mood swings as the drugs helped get the blood glucose under control. So far…I haven’t had that much of an issue…the only real battle is mild depression and anxiety. But those that know me, know I am too much of an upbeat person to use any type of mood changing drugs. I like to feel…I like to experience…and I love sharing those feelings and experiences here!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  1. Carmela says:

    My dad has diabetes & I know how hard it is. The key is a Good Diet, Exercise and a Good Attitude. If you do these 3 things and commit to stick to it for a lifetime….you will fee better than you have ever felt before.


  2. Julie says:

    I’m glad you got some sleep. It definitely helps with your outlook and your ability to just breathe and handle all of life and what it throws at you much easier. Enjoy your Tuesday!!


  3. Glad you got some sleep! I know how it is to go without sleep. Yes, getting some sleep makes a big difference. Have a good Tuesday!


  4. Julie says:

    Well I take that back I don’t have diabetes that I know of just stay positive the rest will come


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