So…day two of my “new” life. Yesterday, I really got some great exercise. My chest is still really sore, and still feeling a bit light-headed. My blood glucose level ranged from 89 to 122, which is a lot better than the 238 that it was reading a week ago. I ate right…in the right amounts…and at the right time. And I was very productive in writing and setting up a page for my blog on Facebook. All in all a great day.

Now comes the hard part…consistency. Even with the positive reinforcement from the day before, I find myself starting the food cravings…seeking that comfort food to make a little stress and loneliness go away. For breakfast…I want eggs and bacon, instead of the oatmeal that I should have. I went for a little walk…but let the cold weather get to me and I cut it short! I feel that the old habits are weighing me down and holding me back. The motivation and rebirth that I felt yesterday seems to be hiding. Time to focus!

Each day we all must treat as a wonderful chance for change and growth. We have to shake off those demons that hold us back from being a better person. It’s not just with our health…but also in the way others view us and how we view them. As a society…we have become so polarized…so much hate. I challenge everyone to listen without judgement, act without malice, love unconditionally. Why spread negativity when you can spread joy. Why spread lies and hate, when you can spread love! Be the better person.

  1. Lisa Craig says:

    Craig! You’ve got this. Yes, the consistency is hard. Keep reminding yourself why you’r doing this. Remember that the bad things are always going to be lurking. Sometimes when we want things we should have, you can just reduce the amount. Depravation is difficult, but sometimes if you can just make it a taste, it will solve the craving.

    As for the exercise, you’ll figure that out. I know you will.


  2. Julie says:

    Hang in there Craig!! Just take one day at a time! When you are feeling lonely I am sure there are many friends and family out there that are just a phone call away. Don’t deprive yourself completely. Allow yourself a treat once a week. Then the new way of eating won’t become overwhelming. Your determination to make positive changes is inspiring to me and I am sure others as well. Thanks for sharing your journey!!


  3. mamakin143 says:

    It’s hard adjusting to a new lifestyle. I crave carbs. I feel sluggish when my glucose is at normal range, and not high. On the opposite side though when it’s lower my sight isn’t as bad. You can do this.


  4. Pam says:

    I am reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “Change your mind, Change your life”. It’s really an incredible, life-altering read. Do you have a diabetes support group? People that are facing the same challenges? Sometimes it can help to talk to someone about what they are doing that works. I always try to pause a bit before I eat. Pause and really think about what I’m putting into my body. Is this going to make me feel better or worse. If it’s worse, I opt for something else. I have a gluten allergy and it’s been extremely difficult to give up my pasta, bread, etc. I cheat once in a while with a bite but for the most part I have made the connection between gluten and illness. There comes a point when you realize that you can make a better choice and the better choice keeps you well! Pause, take a deep breath and make the right choice!


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