The Morning After….

Posted: March 31, 2012 in American Diabetes Association, angiogram, Diabetes, Health, Heart, Humility, Inspiration, Personal

So…I have been given a new beginning…again. This time…I really have to make it work. It’s time to be a better me! I’m sure lots of you will agree that there is plenty of room for improvement! I know the road will be difficult…I am trying to change a lifetime of bad habits…but I think with the help of my friends and family…and with faith…I can do it!

I am setting some pretty lofty goals for myself…personally, professionally, romantically, and spiritually. I will keep these inside for now, but as I check one off the list…you can count on me celebrating on here. The hardest thing will be to change the eating habits and getting more exercise. I know you can’t tell from looking at me now…but at one time I was a pretty decent athlete. I have to get back to that before the pain in my chest gets any worse.

I think another tough thing will be just my own mind. I know that for many of us we are our own worse enemy. I do struggle at times with becoming depressed about a few things. I think the exercise will help there as well. Also getting back to some meditation will help as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I look forward to hearing from you all.

  1. You are right; with exercise comes positive thinking, being less depressed. I recently started taking care of myself (And by recently, I do mean two weeks ago!) and have found that I have way more energy than before, the pounds are shedding and I feel better. On top of that, blood sugars are being amazing! Well, I have more hypos as I lose pounds and move more, but that’s just a matter of fixing my insulin…

    My son is my biggest motivation; find yours! It really helps!
    Read you later!


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