My Heart…Yes I do have One…

Posted: March 28, 2012 in American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Health, Humility
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As part of the ongoing medical struggle this week, I had an appointment at the Utah Heart Clinic. I have been having chest pains lately and as a precaution, my doctor sent me there. After the nurse took my vitals, she sat me down and asked if I had an “Advanced Directive”. It’s the form stating what you want done in the case of imminent death or incapacitation. I told her that isn’t the best thing to discuss with me on my first visit to the clinic!

After reading the results of lab tests and listening to my symptoms, they decided to give me a stress test. They shaved part of my chest, put the leads on and used the ultrasound to look at my heart in the resting state. Then they put me on the treadmill and gradually increased speed and incline until my heart rate was at 166. Quickly they put me back on the table and took the same pictures with my heart pumping that hard.

So now the results…it appears that there is a problem with my coronary artery. They are scheduling me for a coronary angiogram in the next two day. Yeah…I’ll admit to be a bit scared…but the way I look at it, if it was really bad they would have kept me.

I will continue to update…for now…I could use healing thoughts and prayers. Thanks!

  1. Sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers your way!!


  2. Lisa Craig says:

    Holy smokes! Wow. You’re doing everything you can to get this situation take care of. Ok…maybe you didn’t take care of yourself, yesterday….but all you can do is move forward from today on. Put yourself first. I’ll be thinking about you and sending positive healing thoughts and prayers. Hugs.


  3. Healing thoughts and prayers are with you! Wishing you all the best through all of this and always!


  4. lovehatediabetes says:

    I would look at it just as you are! If it were more serious they would have kept you. You’ll work through this! Prayers and thoughts your way.


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