Oh my! Election season is in full bloom.  It seems like everywhere you turn there is information and mostly misinformation. I realize that making promises and slandering the people that you oppose is the way you win elections…but it seems like we have hit an all-tie low in rhetoric and moralizing.  I fear it will only get worse. We live in a diverse country, with diverse views. Morals are an individual thing…and not something to be forced on others. We have laws that need to be followed. Whether you agree with them or not does not necessarily make them wrong. We are not put here to judge others, that is not the role we play. Intolerance may be one of the greatest evils in this world. To punish those less fortunate for political gain never solves anything. There are many of my friends who disagree with my political views, and I with them. However, we still are able to coexist and even deeply care about each other. I urge all my friends to keep the discourse civil and on point. I urge Congress to work together to solve problems rather than obstructing progress to win elections. I urge candidates to spell out the differences between them and others instead of just placing blame and name calling.  We can only be great if we come together and most importantly show our compassion for those less fortunate.


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