Running on Empty….

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Diabetes, Health, Personal

Doesn’t it seem like sometimes we are our own worst enemy? I know I certainly am. Whether it is not getting enough rest, not eating right, getting in a bad relationship to avoid being alone, or just not dealing with things that may be uncomfortable. Do I ever have my share of all of those! I guess it came to mind because of how I am feeling today….very tired and a bit of an upset stomach! I did some junk food last night out of convenience and then didn’t get to sleep until 2 because I was watching a movie. I know I have no one to blame but myself, which is pretty typical of most times when I screw up. We only have things happen to us if we let them. I have tried to be positive about life and accept the consequences of my decisions and action. I try to not just talk about being a positive person, but to actually be one. I know it is easier to pretend then to be…but the only person you are fooling is yourself!

  1. Phil S. says:

    Thanks Craig…. nice to have you as a friend


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