First full weekend of the year and lots of stuff going on…

Who would have thought that since 1997, the Houston Texans have won as many playoff games as the Dallas Cowboys?

And speaking of playoffs…Go Broncos! Seriously, I never dreamed this would happen this season. I think the only bigger surprise to me is if Tim Tebow comes out and throws for 300 yards!

Is John McCain endorsing Mitt Romney one moderate endorsing another or one person who will say and do anything to be elected endorsing another that will do the same? Is the Orrin Hatch endorsement far behind. The pandering that goes on in unbelievable! I really wish my Republican friends would take another serious look at Jon Huntsman. He really is the only one that has foreign policy and executive skills, as well as the business experience to make a difference.

So, I have to admit that I was wrong, the Utah Jazz probably will win more than 20 games this year.

Is everyone now convinced that our weather patterns have changed? Before this tiny storm, we had very little snow in the mountains. In most cases, less than three feet and the ski resorts! I’m not a climatologist, but I think we may need to reclassify our seasons. I think it is late autumn here!

I hope everyone has a great 2012! No, I don’t think the world will end. I mean seriously, despite the fears of the political right, electing a minority didn’t do it!

  1. mamakin143 says:

    I was going to vote for Hunstman, but since he is pretty much left out as much as I hate to do it I am voting for Romney. The evil I know is better than the evil I don’t. Santorum scares me more than Bush did. I was also prepared to give my vote to Ron Paul, but he is much too “Good Ole Boy” with a major loathing for the GLBT community so he’s not doing it for me either. How I long for the days of Clinton and Carter.


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