Courage and Belief

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Courage, Nan Chatwin, Personal
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I want to give a brief story and update on the bravest person I know. Her name is Nan Chatwin. Nan was diagnosed with liver cancer. She was given six months to live…the doctor told her that the longest anyone had survived was 10 months. That was two years ago. This week…she was told that the tumors had shrunk enough that she can be off chemo for a few months. Also, they are looking at other alternatives for her because she has done so well.

This hasn’t been easy for her. She has endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy and the side effects that go with it.  She has seen her hair come and go. She has endured the drugs and chemicals changing her body. She has seen her white blood count so low that she couldn’t even have her treatments…let alone fight off infection.

Through all of this she has shown compassion and sympathy for others. She allows me to bitch about how bad I am feeling and never complains about what she goes through. She is quick to be positive and never give up.

I hope that when I grow up I can be as brave and positive as her.


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