How do we Celebrate?

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Christmas, Humility, Inspiration, Personal, Religion

I was having a conversation with someone at work about how you never hear too many people say Merry Christmas. Instead…in this political correct world…we have been programmed to say Happy Holidays.  I would have to say that I am more spiritual these days rather than religious, but this bothered me a bit.

Now most of us know that Christmas started as a pagan holiday and was co-opted by Christianity as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. But I think that Christmas is a celebration of so much more. It is a time of giving. It is a time of looking back at what we believe in and trying to be a better person, to be more charitable, and a time where we can put away our selfishness for a bit and be more selfless. For me, it is a time to be spiritual and to be really grateful for what I have in my life, as opposed to what I lack. I am richly blessed in all the wonderful friends and family that I have. I believe that the season of Christmas is more of a feeling than an event.

So…whether or not this offends anyone…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  1. Judy says:

    I believe saying Happy Holidays – which I do – is inclusive. For those who are not religious and for those who are. Just let it be ….


  2. I say seasons greetings. That way I don’t offend anyone with Happy Holiday aka Holy Days or Merry Christmas aka Christ Mass. 🙂


  3. Lisa Craig says:

    I think too often as a society we believe that we need to go out and buy more gifts, bigger gift, better gifts, make sure to “do” our holiday plans just right, meet everyone’s expectations. Maybe we should stop! Just stop. Why do we have to outdo what we purchased last year, what we gave last year, what we made for dinner last year and simply just stop and enjoy all that we have, all that we are, and all of the wonderful people around us.

    I wish Christmas hadn’t been so commercialized! This year, I’m focusing on my kid, my grandkids and my great friends! That is what is important to me.


  4. ZENDO says:

    I have to agree with you Craig. Merry Christmas is appropriate. I find it sad that we have come to have to be so politically correct on a holiday that is meant to celebrate Christ’s birth. Why are we trying to take Christ out of Christmas?


  5. mamakin143 says:

    Since Ia m following you and Tina I decided to create my own blog here as well. It’s Monica.


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