Getting older….

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Birthday, Personal

So…my birthday is a week from tomorrow. I will be 51! Why does being 51 bother me a lot more than 50 did? I am seriously depressed about the prospect that for the first time in awhile, I will be celebrating alone. I guess with all the life changes lately that is the inevitable conclusion. I will work all day, so I won’t be completely alone, but it is different.

Maybe I should look at this another way. As I celebrate the anniversary of my birth, I can look at it as a new beginning in life as well. A chance to start anew with new possibilities.

I am actually curious what the week will bring…a birthday party or a pity party!

  1. I am confused.. why will you be alone . I am out of the loop lately


  2. shaunie says:

    It is always better to have a birthday party than a pity party. There will be a whole lot more people that will attend…. 🙂


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