My Confessional…skeletons in the closet

Posted: November 6, 2011 in American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Personal

As part of Diabetes Awareness Month, I have been asked to write about what I struggle with as far as being diabetic. This led to a lot of soul searching and looking at the behaviors that are, in all honesty, killing me.

I have really let my diet go to the bad side. I am back doing far too much fast food. Too much soda. Too much candy. My weight is starting to be affected and so is my energy level and sanity. I love fast food! Burger, fries, soda. That could be my diet 24/7. It’s a lifetime of bad habits that I am finding impossible to break. It is my comfort food.

My stress level is very high. Stress with work and personal has really elevated my blood sugar and made it easy to look for that comfort in food. To top it all off, I am not exercising nearly enough. With the cold weather, exercise will be even tougher.

So, that is what I struggle with. If I continue on this path, I will die early. Writing it down had really helped. I will try to do a bit better each day and find happiness in life.

  1. It is a daily battle… I too have diabetes and really struggle with the whole idea of it. I hate taking the medication (any medication). I dislike the side-effects that I suffer with when on the medicine. I dislike the dietary restrictions, the poking, the sore feet, etc. I guess untimately I have to keep in mind the fact that diabetes is a killer. If I do not do the things necessary to keep it under control it will eventually kill me. Sooner than later.

    It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this struggle though. I am grateful for friends like you who understand the struggle and who inspire me never to give up.

    Thank you for sharing Craig.


  2. Pam Weimer says:

    With the change in seasons it’s easy to fall into old habitual patterns of nesting for the dark, long, cold days. It really helps if I can try to remember that the seasons are always changing. Bring in a sense of awareness that it just is. Stress is a big trigger for unhealthy choices. We tend to revert back to what we feel is comforting. When really those unhealthy food choices are just a drug to try to alleviate the pain associated with something else. Mind/body connection with regard to food choices is often difficult. Especially when your brain is telling you that you really want something that you know is killing you. You can overpower that. Every time you are ready to make an unhealthy choice remember what it feels like to be sick. Then remember what it feels like to be well. Ask your guides (God, angels whatever you like to call them) to help you make a more empowered food choice. One that will keep you healthy. Bring awareness that the junk food will not make you feel better. That instead of reaching for a burger reach for a quiet place to meditate. Meditation and breath work is wonderful for alleviating stress. Breathe in light and fresh air into all of your internal organs. Exhale anything that no longer serves you. Breathe in positive thoughts of strength and healing powers. Breathe out stale air and thoughts. Blessing and prayers for you on this journey.


  3. Lois G says:

    I totally understand what you are going through Craig. Being diagnosed as diabetic was no shock to me, since it runs in my family. Since I broke my ankle last year I have seen my weight and my blood sugar change frequently. Now I think I’m on a good road to recovery since having my ankle surgery. If you need a place to work out, I’m offering you to work out here at my apartment complex, we have a small gym. It will motivate me to get my butt over there too!! I wish you luck, and I know you are a very strong man, you can do it!!!


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