I heard that…

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Personal, Politics, Rick Perry, West Wing

I heard Mitt Romney fathered a child with an illegal immigrant. I can’t really confirm it, but it is just something I heard.

I also heard the Rick Perry was a confirmed Homo (sapien). Can’t really comment on that at this time, but people are looking into it…

Yes the election season is in full swing. I love how these unconfirmed ridiculous reports always popup. Rumors, innuendo, and flat out lies…unfortunately, our current climate not only promotes, but outright encourages it.

I really hope that at some point we can get to the point where we debate ideas and choose our candidates that way. I know this is probably a fantasy but I can only hope…

Until then…did you hear Michele Bachmann is a member of the ignorant tight-ass club?

  1. Ya know Craig, I have to agree with the craziness of election time…but what if we had to be boring and have facts…I mean hell, where is the drama in that?! 😉


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