Who Do You Celebrate?

Posted: October 9, 2011 in John Lennon, Kim Kardashian, Personal, The Beatles

We all have our idols…people in sports or entertainment who we admire and look up to. I am no different. But a troubling trend had developed in this instant information age…the branding of anyone as a “celebrity” or “superstar”. I guess this really hit home with me when I was watch the “E Network”. Tonight they show a two-part wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Celebrities? I can’t think of any reason anyone would want to celebrate this shameless self-promotion. Seriously…accomplish something…then let us celebrate you.

I think society should be celebrating teachers. Quit cutting their pay and benefits and make being a teacher a desirable position. Quit burdening them with tests and paperwork and let them do the job that they are trained to do.

We should also celebrate life! I complain on here because it’s a place to vent, but I realize how truly blessed I am with friends and family that really care. Also a job that I enjoy (most of the time). As we head into the season of giving, let’s remember the less fortunate and celebrate them and help them find peace.

Happy Birthday John Lennon!


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