Posted: September 18, 2011 in Personal, Religion, Utes

I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I also try to encourage others to express that belief. I was brought up in both the LDS and Catholic religions. My Dad was Catholic and my mom was LDS. I went to the LDS church as a youth. Afterall, all my friends did. That pretty much ended when I moved to Denver. Since that time, I have investigated and attended many other types of churches. I took Catholic instruction later in life and if asked, consider that my religion of choice.

I think the reason I typed all that was a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. My belief is that religion is inspired by God (or other deity) but created by man. Because they are created by man, they are fallible. I think we can find inspiration through many different things. I tend to from the arts and nature mostly.

The one thing I really can’t stand is the people who use God as a reason for hate. My God is a loving God. One who knows I will screw up but will love me anyway. I don’t feel that God wants people killed or harmed or even put down in his name. Or the people who blame God for their own misdeeds or misfortunes. I have seen some LDS parents not allow their kids to play with others because they were not members. God is tolerance, God is forgiving.

And I can’t resist….every year in Utah, the University of Utah play Brigham Young University in football. They call it the “Holy War”. The implication is that BYU is righteous and Utah is heathens. For the record, Utah 54, BYU 10. Go Utes!

  1. I was brought up rather odd. My mom is Catholic, and my Pops was almost Atheist. I guess I could say that he was Agnostic. I was baptized Catholic, went to Catechism, made my communion etc. I went to many of the LDS functions as well simply because my friends were LDS, and they always dragged me to the functions. In 95 I was living in Ogden, and the missionaries convinced my foster sister and I to convert. I honestly do not know what I was thinking. After being baptized the LDS church members never spoke to me again, lol. I am Pagan at the core, and I was sure happy to see the U of U kick BYU’s behind. 🙂


  2. Lo says:

    I deleted a person on my site today who was putting up some scary bible quotes. I had to tell her that I don’t think we pray to the same God. Mine is a loving God. One person posted a scary bible quote to her sick friend telling her to go to church to get right with God before she goes or if she wants to get better. Craig I was really upset about that. God understands if you can’t go to church because you are sick. i wanted to write that women and say REALLY of all the advice you can give your sick friend that was the best. So,e people need to study the history of their bibles to understand what those quotes really mean, and why it was written, and when it was written(and by whom it was written by).


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