Posted: September 15, 2011 in American Diabetes Association, Diabetes, Health, Personal

Diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood.

I am a diabetic. I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes 18 months ago. I probably had it for much longer than that. I had just had probably the worse health year of my life. I had my veins stripped on my left leg and really noticed that it was taking a long time to heal. A few months after that, I developed an infection, it wasn’t related to the surgery. Within a few months of that, I developed abcesses all over my body. One on my neck had to be surgically drained because of the size and where it was located. None of these were linked together, and at no time was I tested for Diabetes.

One day I went to donate plasma. As part of that, I had to take a physical including peeing in a cup. They tested it and found an abnormal amount of sugar in the urine. Since I had just had a soda (my standard breakfast) they had me come back in 3 days to be retested. I fasted and drank nothing but water. The results were even worse. I made my appointment to see my doctor. The urine and blood tests comfirmed it…I had type-2 diabetes. He was very frank with me, I would eventually die from diabetes. When that would happen would be completely up to me.

At the time, I weighed 265 lbs. My diet was horrible (lots of fast food). Also, being 50% Hispanic was also a risk factor. And the history of it in my family.

I have done a lot of research in that time. And I guess today I want to educate everyone about it and urge people to get tested, especially if they have any risk factors. Here is a link to the American Diabetes Association:


Since that day, I have really tried to change my habits. I now weigh 218 lbs.  I eat better, but not great. Stress is a big factor in my life. For me, my biggest symptom is severe mood swings. I sincerely apologize to all that have been the victim of my moods, especially Jody. The other scary thing is I go through lots of loss of feeling in my feet.

I urge people reading this to click on the advocacy link on the left side of this and do what it asks you to do. It is just an advocacy of time, won’t cost you a thing. Through education we can help control this horrible disease.

  1. I am Diabetic. I have been Diabetic since at least 1999, at that time I weighed 145 pounds, and I was probably diabetic before that. That was when I was diagnosed so who knows how long I have actually been?

    My uncle Tony is type 1. He is now in a nursing home recovering from an amputation, he has had two transplants and was never really overweight, but he is Hispanic.

    My Pops was Type 2. He was 6ft2 and weighed 185, athletic and hard working. He was Scot-Irish, and English.

    My mom is half Hispanic, she was diagnosed Type 2 a couple of years ago. I at one time had a glucose level of 650, and at the time still using drugs. I should have died, but here I am. Other than being tired all the time and having poor vision which I have had my entire life the Diabetes hasn’t been a huge issue. I have what is called PCOS and that creates Diabetic problems.

    I have Yo Yo dieted all my life. It gets old Craig. I commend you for being proactive. Monica


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