My Dad and why I am a Broncos fan

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Broncos, Personal

My first memory of football was being a Green Bay Packer fan. I was influenced by the book “Instant Replay” by Jerry Kramer. It helped that my town’s colors were Green and Gold. I was born and raised in the era of Packer dominance in the NFL. So I suppose I was kind of a front-runner. When I was 14 that was changed and I was shattered when my Dad was transferred to Denver. I was devastated. This was right before 9th grade, which I had been looking forward to. I even had four close friends come to the airport to see me off.

I think my Dad knew how I felt. Let me give you some background. I have 3 sisters. All four of us were born within five years of each other. Subsequently, my parents had to work a lot. That little quiet time with one or the other parent just didn’t happen too much. My only remembrance (and I do have a great memory) of any time alone with my Dad was when I was in 4th grade and he had me stay home from school so we could do some serious baseball shopping in anticipation of my first season in little league. That’s the other key component…my family is incredible sports fanatics. That was the dominant thing in our household. But back to my story.

I was pretty much alone and very miserable. One magical day, my Dad came home with Broncos’ tickets for the two of us. Even though it was a preseason game (against the Baltimore Colts), and of course the Broncos lost, it forever sealed a bond with my Dad and a love affair with the Broncos. When they finally, on their fourth try, won the Super Bowl, my first reaction was to call my Dad. By that time I had moved back to Salt Lake City. We celebrated that victory together.

My Dad passed away a couple of years ago. That day and the day of his funeral were the saddest days of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. A picture of him is on my wall at work. As another Bronco season begins tonight, I will think of him and root for our team. Because of that, I am a Denver Broncos fan and will be for life!

  1. What a wonderful and special Father / Son bonding moment!! You are very blessed to have that memory and thank you for sharing such a sweet and personal part of you.


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    I have had a lot of responses on this the last couple of weeks so I thought i would repost. Enjoy!


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